The American Heart Association is reminding people to be very cautious during the extremely cold temperatures and frigid wind chills we are experiencing.  People who have existing heart conditions should be especially careful.  The additional stress brought on by temperatures in the single digits and below zero can amplify heart and circulation problems.
According to information from the American Heart Association deaths from coronary artery disease often increase quickly during bitterly cold weather.  Anyone with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, a history of stroke or heart attack or are overweight are particularly susceptible to more risk when battling frigid weather.

Anyone who attempts to shovel snow or any other strenuous activity outdoors is at added risk.  Hypothermia can be a killer.  This occurs when your body cannot keep your internal body warm enough to function normally.    Symptoms often start out with shivering and slowed reactions.  Alcohol can also amplify the potential of hypothermia by expanding blood vessels near the skin drawing heat away from the internal part of the body.

The American Heart Association recommends dressing in layers when venturing outdoors.  Be sure and cover your head and ears and avoid any lengthy skin exposure that could quickly lead to frostbite damage.

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Photo Courtesy American Heart Association
Photo Courtesy American Heart Association


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