Two people are accused of using their friend’s automatic teller machine debit card.

Broome County Sheriff’s officials say they responded to a home in the Town of Chenango for a woman saying she had used her debit card in front of a couple friends and then found her card had been used again for a much larger withdrawal.

Deputies found 23 year old Dennis Satchell Junior of Johnson City and 25 year old Sarah Perkow of Binghamton were seen on bank surveillance film using the woman’s ATM card after dropping her off at her home.

Authorities say the pair is accused of withdrawing $600 from their friend’s account.

The suspects were found on Fowler Street in Johnson City.

Satchell is charged with felony criminal possession of stolen property and felony identity theft.

Perkow is charged with felony criminal possession of stolen property.

Investigators say the pair admitted taking and using the card then cutting it up and throwing it away somewhere in Endicott.