Many of the trees along Washington Avenue in Endicott have been removed in recent months and those that remain will be going soon.

Mayor John Bertoni said the non-fruit-bearing pear trees are being taken down because of a disease.

Bertoni said village officials contacted Cornell Cooperative Extension when a sort of "green slime" was observed on every tree along the avenue.

The mayor said the cooperative extension studied the situation and determined the trees were affected by a blight. He said the disease cripples trees and makes them very brittle.

Bertoni said the recommendation was that the trees be removed. He said the experts determined the trees had been planted too close together. They also weren't getting enough sun because of the north-south orientation of Washington Avenue.

The village is planning to plant more trees in the future to beautify the business district.

The mayor said some people have praised the removal of the trees because it opens up some sections of the avenue. He said the trees that are being taken out were planted about thirty years ago.

An ornamental pear tree in front of the Endicott Post Office was recently cut down. (Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News)

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