Tree Lovers Reassured
Residents of Binghamton's West Side who spotted a city crew removing a tree at a Riverside Drive intersection are being advised that no other trees are about to be taken down.
A City Hall spokesman says parks department workers were doing "routine tree removal" this week...
Tree time
Dozens of trees are being planted in Binghamton adjacent to the Prospect Mountain project at the junction of Route 17 and Interstate 81.
Workers began the plantings this week along Prospect Street, west of the Front Street intersection...
Tree talk
The city of Binghamton has scheduled a meeting to discuss the need for tree maintenance around utility lines.
Mayor Matthew Ryan says the session will be held at the Binghamton High School cafeteria starting at 6 p.m. Tuesday.
City officials and NYSEG representatives are expected to participate in the…
Tree wars
Some Binghamton residents have expressed their anger over tree-trimming operations that have been going on to prevent future electric power disruptions.
Now, one West Side woman who's been concerned about the fate of trees in her neighborhood has tweeted a picture with the caption: "Loo…

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