seat belt

Buckle Up
A new rule that took effect November 1 in New York requires all passengers in motor vehicles to wear seat belts, no matter their age or where they are sitting.
BUNY in the Parks
New York State Police want to see “BUNY” in the state parks. Not "bunnies" as in rabbits. “BUNY” as in “Buckle Up New York” in the parks.
Dozens of Tickets Written
New York State Police, county sheriff’s offices and even local police were on the lookout for people not complying with the mandatory seat belt law in New York.
Back Seat Buckle Up
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is looking to require all occupants of vehicles wear safety restraints, including adults in the rear seats.
Click it or Ticket
Authorities are setting up additional check points and increasing patrols looking for people in violation of the seat belt laws.
Fatal Off Road Crash
Delaware County Sheriff’s officials are investigating the death of the driver of an off-road vehicle in the Town of Stamford.

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