Binghamton University has the attention of President Donald Trump and not for its academics or the recent award of a Nobel Prize to one of its professors.

Donald Trump gives speech
Alex Wong/Getty Images


During an address to the Turning Point USA Student Summit in Florida, the President is seen in video posted by the New York Federation of College Republicans on facebook focusing on the November protests on campus during a tabling event by Republican students and at a scheduled lecture by conservative economist Art Laffer.

The President said right wing liberal thugs attacked conservative students on the Vestal Campus:

Trump mocked the demonstrators indicating they had diminutive arms and called up the president of Binghamton University’s “Turning Point USA” chapter, freshman Lacey Kestecher.  She told the crowd conservatives have to fight back against “this nation of liberals.”

The initial confrontation came November 14 when two groups, one to promote Laffer and another for gun rights were met by a group of angry students who overturned tables and shouted at the other groups. Contrary to claims of clubs and other weapons being “swung”, there were no reports of any bats or other devices seen.

Following the confrontation at the tabling events, protestors at Laffer’s scheduled lecture disrupted the event before it started, shutting it down.

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