I sometimes complain about how long the holiday season is, but really, it goes by fast. I guess as I get older, it's nice to see and experience all that holiday spirit in our community. Especially since we know the following three months (at least) are going to be the most boring months of the year, at least in my opinion.

As we enter the second half of December, there are plenty of interesting holiday things to do and see in the Triple Cities, but are you aware of some other really cool holiday offerings happening in other parts of Upstate New York?

Well, there are, and the website Family Adventures in Upstate New York has compiled a list of several holiday happenings going on that are not far from Binghamton, worth checking out. Maybe a nice weekend or day trip.

Here are 10 of many that really caught my eye, that might be destinations to visit that have some really cool holiday happenings. For a complete list of all holiday happenings in Upstate New York, including ones right in our home area, visit the Family Adventures in New York State website, complete with details of each festival, days, hours, and a link to each festival's website.

[via Family Adventures in Upstate New York]

Upstate New York Holiday Happenings

Upstate New York Holiday Happenings

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