An Endicott-based electronics manufacturing firm is seeking to sell what it bills as "excess inventory."

Bob Joseph/WNBF News
Bob Joseph/WNBF News

The successor to Endicott Interconnect Technologies - i3 Electronics - has posted a five-page list on its website offering thousands of items the company no longer needs.

i3 Electronics Incorporated was created after Endicott Interconnect Technologies filed for bankruptcy protection last summer. The sale to i3 Electronics was finalized on October 31.

Endicott Interconnect had 2,000 employees when it was formed in the state-financed sale of IBM's Endicott microelectronics unit in 2002. That company's workforce had dwindled to 575 as of last June.

i3 Electronics has not announced how many people work for the company. But i3 Electronics president Robert Nead in January said 28 employees were laid off because of weak sales.

Although Endicott Interconnect Technologies signs at the Huron Campus recently were removed, no i3 Electronics signs are visible.

i3 Electronics officials did not return calls on Tuesday seeking comment on the status of the company's operations.

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