The thrill of competition is often measured in a pure rush of adrenaline, but how sweet is victory without the supports of people witnessing the act.

Since the beginning of organized sports, there have been spectators watching and cheering on the competitors.

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They are called fans, short for fanatics, but their devotion to a particular sport, team, or individual can make a big difference to the participants.

The Greater Binghamton area has been blessed with professional baseball and hockey and semi pro football, college and high school basketball.

Both men and woman have played and competed in and around the city of Binghamton since the early 20th century.

There are many cities and towns across our nation who have never experienced a professional team in their backyard.

Binghamton has been represented very well throughout the years and I think one of the main reasons is the community devotion and fan loyalty that comes from this area.

We have had so many professional versions of Baseball, Hockey, Basketball and Football, and when teams leave its almost always because of budget and league reconstruction, but I don’t believe fan loyalty was ever in question. Binghamton has the best fans.

Check out some of the pro and semi pro teams from our sports past and present.

A Lookback at Binghamton Sports

Binghamton is a city filled with culture and community. What is one piece of culture that brings the community together? Sports; and Binghamton has a long line of historic teams.


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