Another case of West Nile Virus is being reported in the Southern Tier.

Close-Up Of Mosquitoes
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On the heels of the Broome County Health department reporting two confirmed cases in humans, Tioga County health officials now say one case of West Nile in a human has been documented in that county.

West Nile is spread by mosquitoes, which have been especially problematic this year with unusually wet weather through the entire spring and summer. Standing water is prime breeding ground for mosquitoes but many areas have been hard-pressed trying to find ways to eliminate those pools.

Even with colder weather, residents are still cautioned to cover their arms and legs when going out and use federally approved insect repellents.

While a majority of people exposed to West Nile exhibit no symptoms, some will experience aches that resemble the effects of a cold.  In more rare cases, the disease can impact speech and coordination and could require hospitalization.

Neither the officials in Broome nor Tioga Counties have offered information on how the patients were infected with West Nile or their conditions.

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