Some students in the Endicott area are getting an unexpected day off from school due to a water main break.  The rupture in the 24 inch pipe at the corner of Harrison Avenue and Park Street was detected with a loss of pressure at around 8 p.m. October 18.

Residents of the Village of Endicott, areas of Endwell and parts of West Corners and all customers of the Endicott Water District are advised not to drink their water, use it for cooking, making ice or brushing teeth unless they boil it for one minute.  The warning is in effect until further notice. Residents can also use bottled water.

Union Endicott, Maine Endwell and All Saints Catholic Elementary schools were closed.

The Endicott Water Department has been working through the night to fix the break in the pipe and restore service.  But it will be some time before the necessary tests on the water can be evaluated and clear results recorded in separate samples. After a couple all-clears the boil order can be lifted.

The break is located near the site where a Kmart had been located.

The service disruption also caused headaches for Broome County Emergency Services where dispatchers had to handle dozens of 911 emergency calls from people complaining that their water was off.

Any questions about a boil water warning can be directed to the Broome County Health Department at (607) 778-2887.

People are being asked to make sure they share the boil information with others who drink water from the Endicott District who may have not received the notice directly, like those in nursing homes, apartments or businesses.