The order for no unnecessary travel in Broome County is over, but Broome County Executive Jason Garnar has issued a new emergency order of “No entry into barricaded areas” as some roads in the region remain closed due to dangerous conditions resulting from the flash flooding August 14. The State of Emergency is still in effect until further notice.

There have been several reports of people ignoring “Road Closed” signs and barricades and driving over roads that are even obviously structurally compromised with deep surface elevation change and partial pavement washouts.

The last road update from the county on from 4:14 p.m. August 15 said Fairview Avenue at Clapman to Bevier Street was closed as was Court Street from Broad to Fairview Avenue and Fairview at Popes Ravine in the City of Binghamton.  Crews said they hoped to have upper Court Street cleared of mud and debris enough for it to be open to general traffic August 16.

In Kirkwood:  Route 11 from Main Street to Cedar Hurst was reportedly still closed along with Popes Ravine and Hiner, Loughlin at Acre Place and Brink Road.

In Conklin: the Route 7A Bridge over Snake Creek is restricted to passenger vehicles under 6,000 pounds.

Local residents know what areas are normally washed out or affected by mud and debris due to flooding and should plan alternate routes in advance in order to avoid delays.

The State of Emergency that is still activated bans recreational use of waterways in Broome County and orders motorists not to drive on flooded roadways.



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