When times get tough you find heroes who emerge in all walks of life.  This community has been through a lot over the past few years.  Major snowstorms and two devastating floods have ravaged the area.  But nothing that has gone this long has hit us.  All around our lives have been changed.  And all around we see people, families and groups who are stepping to the front to help.

Often heroes emerge by just doing their everyday job.  They have done it in good times and now in tough times.  Heroes also emerge by just doing what needs to be done.  There is no monetary reward or job requirement. In tough times like we are going through now we need to look around us and notice those individuals who are setting the standard but perhaps without being recognized.

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This is where 21st Pools and Spas on the Vestal Parkway comes in to reward those who are the "unsung heroes"  21st Century Pools and Spas is teaming up with News Radio 1290 WNBF and other Townsquare Media radio stations in Binghamton to honor these heroes.  You can help by submitting the name or names of those you see helping everyday.  Heroes could come from anywhere. They could be someone getting groceries and shopping for you.  They could be a nurse, doctor or pharmacist helping those who have contracted COVID-19.  Your hero might be someone who works in a grocery store.  It could be a cab driver, mail deliverer, bus driver or someone you come in contact with who you feel is exemplary in what they are doing.

To honor the heroes in your life we invite you to submit their name to our wnbf.com website.  Look on the trending bar for "Thank A Hero" and  click there to send you to the entry page.  21st Century Pools and Spas has purchased 50 gift certificates for $50 each from outstanding area restaurants and is selecting ten entries each week to be honored and receive a gift certificate. The prizes are being awarded over a five-week span.  Complete rules are available on our 1360binghamton.com website.

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