Daniel Erickson, former Johnson City Middle School principal, was found guilty of Luring a Child, a Class E Felony, in Broome County Court, according to Broome County District Attorney F. Paul Battisti.

According to the Broome County District Attorney's Office, between June 28, 2023, and July 7, 2023, Erickson used Snapchat to communicate with a 16-year-old student, to lure them into a vehicle to engage in sexual intercourse. However, thanks to the swift and dedicated efforts of the Broome County Sheriff's Office, Detectives Barcak and Zielewicz were able to apprehend Erickson before any physical harm came to the victim.

During the sentencing hearing scheduled for July 30, 2024, Erickson will face a 6-month incarceration and five years of probation supervision. This probation period will include sex offender conditions, restitution payable to the victim, and the requirement to register as a sex offender, ensuring that he remains under close monitoring.

Additionally, Erickson will be required to turn himself in on May 6, 2024, to begin serving his jail time.

District Attorney Battisti expressed the gravity of the situation, stating, "Today, we have secured a conviction against Erickson for the despicable crime of luring a child with the intention of engaging in sexual intercourse. The trust placed in educators, particularly those in positions of authority such as principals, is sacred."

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The district attorney emphasized the harm caused to the victim and the foundation of safety and security in our schools when such a betrayal of trust occurs. Battisti asserted that his office remains dedicated to holding accountable those who exploit and prey upon children.

Praising the bravery of the victim and their family throughout the challenging legal process, Battisti acknowledged the collective responsibility to protect children from harm and affirmed the commitment to continue this fight.

ORIGINAL STORY: Johnson City Principal Accused of Luring 16-Year-Old Girl for Sex

The Broome County Sheriff's Office investigated this case, and Senior Assistant District Attorney Sarah Dean prosecuted it on behalf of the District Attorney's Office.

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