An eight-unit Tesla Supercharger that opened in Broome County already is proving popular with owners of the all-electric vehicles.

The high-speed charging facility in the parking lot of the Spot Restaurant in the town of Chenango became operational less than three weeks ago.

FLASHBACK: Construction underway on the Supercharger facility on October 27. BOB JOSEPH/WNBF NEWS

Spyros Dimatos, a co-owner of the Front Street business, said he's been told there were as many as three Tesla cars being charged simultaneously outside the diner. He said up to four cars a day have been utilziing the Supercharger.

Dimatos said about half of the Teslas he's seen at the charging facility have New Jersey plates. He said one driver he spoke to said he's now able to travel through Pennsylvania into upstate New York, significantly cutting his travel time.

A Tesla owners' group in the Ithaca area had pushed for the Supercharger at the diner. Dimatos found out about the idea when a Tesla representative stopped into the restaurant earlier this year and presented the proposal.

Now, Tesla drivers can exit Interstate 81 at Front Street to get a bite to eat while their vehicles get a quick charge.

Tesla says its charging stations are "strategically placed to minimize stops during long distance travel."

Bob Joseph/WNBF News
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