West Side Shame
A seven-story abandoned building on Binghamton's West Side has become a playground for intruders who have damaged the inside and outside of the structure.
Dozens of windows on the fourth-floor and the seventh-floor now feature spray-painted graffiti...
Rewards Posted
Two rewards have been posted to find the person responsible for scrawling the phrase "Have a Nice Day" and a "smiley face" in Binghamton's Cheri Lindsey Memorial Park.
The graffiti in the North Side park mimicked the note left by the convicted killers who esca…
Cheri Lindsey Park Graffiti
Graffiti inspired by the note left by the inmates who escaped from a state prison has been scrawled at a Binghamton park named in the memory of a girl who was killed in the neighborhood three decades ago.
The spray-painted "smiley face" and the message "Have a Nice Day&…

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