The Binghamton Rumble Ponies are here !  That is the new nickname for Binghamton's Eastern League baseball team.  Team owner John Hughes was on hand for the announcement that came this morning at Benjamin Franklin Elementary School on Conklin Avenue.  The announcement was going to be made at NYSEG Stadium but was moved due to a rainy weather forecast.

The news was released in the school's auditorium and was greeted with cheers from the students on hand.  Binghamton season ticket holders were invited to attend as well as members of the media.

Hughes,who enters his second season of ownership of the franchise, says the new name was selected in a collaborative effort based on fan balloting, staff discussion and the story and meaning behind the name.  The winning name was submitted by Nicole (no last name given) from Binghamton.  She says her inspiration for the name came from the children's book "The Carousel", written by Binghamton University professor Liz Rosenberg.  Nicole receives season tickets for life and the first home jersey produced for winning the Name the Team Contest.

The Rumble Ponies' official colors are Carousel Silver, Fire Red and Binghamton Blue according to the ball club's official news release.  Merchandise featuring the Rumble Ponies' new design is now available at NYSEG Stadium and online at

The Rumble Ponies will play their first game in New Hampshire on April 6, 2016 and display their new look for Binghamton fans for the first time on April 13 against Erie.

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