The first phase of the easing of restrictions on businesses in reaction to the coronavirus pandemic in the Southern Tier gets a cautious start, but not all businesses that are included in the Phase One list can just throw their doors open. 

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Qualifying construction, retail trade, wholesale, fishing and hunting and manufacturing facilities had to check into a New York State portal to find the mandatory guidelines and register with the state.

The listing of the businesses that are allowed in the first phase and the mandatory and best practices for each can be found at the new state portal:  The certification form is also available at that site showing companies have met all the regulations regarding physical distancing, protective equipment, cleaning and hygiene and communication.  The requirements for retail curbside and in-store pickup covers five pages.  Construction guidelines take up almost four pages.

New York offers information on the questions frequently being asked by businesses at the FAQ section of its forward.ny website

State and local officials say they realize there are probably businesses that aren’t supposed to reopen who will and some never even closed under the emergency orders.  Governor Andrew Cuomo has said complaints should be directed to the regions’ control centers that will evaluate the situations and seek state guidance. It will not be up to local law enforcement to police. 

Individuals can also file complaints through an online state labor department form or by calling 1-833-789-0470.

Questions about reopening not found at can be emailed to the Southern Tier Region control room at

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