A new study claims that the average New York job seeker’s resume is only 72% accurate, with many embellishing or making up the rest in order to get hired. 

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Talk about faking it until you’re making it. Maybe I’m a little old-school, but I’m far too cowardly to put something on my resume that I can’t actually do. Sure, I’ll make certain responsibilities sound a lot more rigorous than they actually are, but at least everything I put down is something I actually do. 

The study, done by iprospectcheck, surveyed 3,351 anonymous job seekers and found that the average candidate’s resume was 28% embellishment, made up, or simply completely inaccurate. 

But it could be worse. The study also showed that the average Pennsylvanian’s resume was only 62% accurate. So as far as resume integrity goes at least New Yorkers are doing better than our friends to the south. And we’re doing a lot better than job seekers in Hawaii, whose resumes are only 35% accurate according to the study. 

But here’s a question that I bet most job seekers haven’t considered when listing their skills with exaggeration, what happens when you get the job? Surely if you say you’re proficient in Excel you’ll be expected to actually use it. Are new hires just sneaking off to the bathroom to watch Youtube tutorial videos when they find out they actually have to use the skills they say they have? 

I guess at that point all you can do is hope it’s too much of a hassle to fire you so you get actual training on how to do the things you said you can do on your resume. So I guess good luck to the average New Yorker and I hope you get away with it. 

And if anybody sees my boss tell them that I would never, ever lie or exaggerate on my resume to get a job. In fact, tell them I actually undersold myself on my resume.

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