A runaway cow from a New York farm is now safe after escaping from a Long Island farm and spending four months on the loose.

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According to a report by Ben Hooper of UPI, the cow escaped from Jerry's Farm on Long Island four months ago and was found at a Manorville golf course. Frankie Floridia of the Strong Island Animal Rescue League and Mike Stura of the Skylands Sanctuary were able to find the cow and load it onto a trailer. According to the report, the cow was spotted on monitoring cameras at the golf course which were set up there after cow droppings were found.

The owners of Jerry's Farm allowed Stura to take the cow to Skylands Sanctuary where it will continue to live provided it manages to stay within the fences this time.

This is a similar story to one that appeared on WNBF back in September, when a cow ran away from a farm in Spencerport, evading some close capture attempts and being dubbed "The Spencerport Bandit." Unfortunately, a report by WHAM stated that the owners of the Spencerport Bandit announced that the cow had died from injuries sustained during the search.

To my knowledge, the Long Island cow didn't utilize as many ankle-breaking moves as the Spencerport Bandit did, but it did survive on it's own for four months which is impressive enough. And it's a good reminder that cows are deceptively athletic and can pretty easily escape from their enclosures and go on the run for months.

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