In a massive animal hoarding case that evolved into a breeding nightmare, Eastern Snouts Adoption and Rehoming is requesting immediate assistance in finding suitable homes for more than 59 pigs and piglets located in Upstate New York.

The rescued pigs are all mini pigs and were victims of a distressing situation. They are all now in desperate need of foster care or adoption.

The group of pigs consists of many spayed and neutered piglets, adults of various sizes, as well as five pregnant females. The current location of the rescued animals is not disclosed to ensure their safety, but Eastern Snouts Adoption and Rehoming, responsible for the rescue, is diligently working to secure forever homes for each animal.

Not limited to just pigs, there are also goats, sheep, and cows on the property that require placement. To facilitate the adoption process, interested individuals are encouraged to join the Eastern Snouts Pig Adoption and Rehoming Facebook group, where they can find an adoption application.

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Transportation assistance will be provided to those selected for adoption, thanks to the generosity of volunteers stepping in to help. The rescue organization emphasizes that the primary focus is finding suitable placements for all the animals involved.

Ziggy's Refuge Farm Sanctuary has joined the effort to find suitable homes for the 59+ pigs and piglets. The sanctuary expressed the importance and critical nature of the situation, stating on social media, "THIS IS ABSOLUTELY URGENT, without help we will not be able to complete this mission, and helping all of them will be virtually impossible."

Eastern Snouts Adoption and Rehoming via Facebook
Eastern Snouts Adoption and Rehoming via Facebook

Whether you are interested in providing a home for a pregnant female pig, piglets, or any of the other animals in need, you will need to first join the Eastern Snouts Pig Adoption and Rehoming Facebook group and fill out an application there before being considered for foster or adoption.

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