A couple of pigs in Tioga County decided they wanted to get out and stretch their legs on Tuesday night, escaping their farm to go for a leisurely walk around town.

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According to the Tioga County Sherriff's Office, police responded to a call about two pigs walking around in the road on Tuesday night.

Authorities were eventually able to wrangle the pigs and return them to their owner, bringing their wild Tuesday night to an abrupt end.

The Tioga County Sherriff's Office later joked that these pigs were part of an experimental new drug and explosives unit called "K-Swine" to help combat the impact of soaring dog food prices for K-9 units.

Just a couple of exceedingly brave pigs putting their lives on the line to help their human counterparts find narcotics and explosives. A couple of pigs who said "You know what? We have a pretty comfortable life here on this farm. But we have a higher calling and it's time for us to answer that call. The time to escape the comfort of the farm has come."

Truly inspiring.

This is the second instance in the last couple of weeks of farm animals deciding they felt like going on an exploratory mission around town. Last week, a woman in Niagara County was arrested and charged with grand larceny after she refused to return a pair of cows that had escaped from a nearby farm.

This particular case likely won't involve criminal charges, but it's a funny story and the Tioga County Sherriff's Office certainly rolled with the joke.

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