A New York animal sanctuary owner was arrested for Grand Larceny earlier this week after refusing to return cows that had wandered off from a nearby farm.

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According to Natalie Neysa Alund of USA Today, the president and founder of Asha's Farm Sanctuary, Tracy Murphy, was arrested Tuesday for refusing to return two cows that wandered off McKee Farm, owned by Scott Gregson.

In the report, Gregson stated "I still to this day don't know how they got out. The fence is in good shape and the gates were all locked." Gregson also noted that the pasture on his farm is fully surrounded by an electric barb-wire fence.

Apparently, the cows wandered onto the animal sanctuary and were there for five days before Gregson was alerted. When Gregson went to the animal sanctuary to retrieve his cows, Murphy demanded proof that the cows belonged to him and then demanded that he leave her property.

When New York State Police responded to the issue, they said Murphy again refused to return the cows. She was later arrested and charged with Grand Larceny in the third degree and was booked in the Niagara County Jail.

The cows were eventually returned to McKee Farm, after which Gregson reported that they were taken to a secure location for safety. Gregson also stated "We are happy to have our cattle back. We wish this would have never have happened. We are a farm community and cattle get out... people tend to help one another when that happens."

If convicted of the felony offense, Murphy could face prison time.

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