As marathon runners made their way through 26.2 miles of New York City streets, a man was arrested for tossing cinderblocks off the roof from a block away.

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According to a report by Larry Celona and Tina Moore of the New York Post, a 38-year-old man was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment after he was found tossing cinderblocks off a roof in Brooklyn just a block away from the New York City Marathon course. He allegedly threw four cinderblocks off the roof, damaging three unoccupied cars around 12:30. There are no reports of anybody being injured during the incident.

As if running the same distance famous for killing a Greek soldier wasn't enough, some runners had to throw in concerns that a flying cinderblock might descend from the sky as they made their way through the streets. Those aren't ideal conditions. A lot of weird things happen in New York City, but most of them don't involve having to dodge a heavy piece of stone about an hour and a half into your run.

It's also not yet known what the motivation behind the incident was. It's unlikely that the man was actually trying to throw cinderblocks at marathon runners despite the curious timing since he was a full block away. But he did damage three unoccupied cars so if he was throwing the cinderblocks off the roof at random, somebody could have been seriously hurt if a pedestrian was walking on the sidewalk below on their way to watch the marathon go by.

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