Bob Joseph/WNBF News [July 31, 2013][/caption]


Bob Joseph/WNBF News [July 31, 2013][/caption]Additional state funding has been announced to help clean up a polluted property in western Broome County.

The Department of Environmental Conservation will provide about $59,000 for planned work at the parcel at 312 Maple Street.

The chemical TCE was spilled at the one-acre site when it was being used for manufacturing circuit boards and for computer recycling.

Officials have said TCE is believed to have been spilled outside the buildings on the property. The chemical also may have been released through discharges to three drywells located beneath the buildings.

The property now is owned by Broome County, which took title to the site after taxes went unpaid. Cleanup work at the site has been going on for more than three years.


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