Sometimes I think the word 'Super' is overused. That word is used to make whatever is being promoted, bigger than life. That's just super (sorry.) This sale is a super sale, that's a super special vehicle, and you may have head people say "That's super like!" What exactly does that mean?

An article on the Elle website states that "the rate of use for the word 'super' has gone up from 1.13 per million words during 2000-2013, to 1.30 per million, from mid-2012 to 2016, according to the OED." Super-crazy!

Well, there are times when the word super is attached to something for good reason. And one of those examples is the Super Moon. On Wednesday, July 13th at 5 a.m., the moon reached its closest point to the Earth for 2022 at a mere 221,994 miles away according to the website.

If you missed witnessing the moon at its closest distance to Earth, or couldn't see it because it may have been too light outside or too early to get out of bed (that's my excuse), never fear, because you'll be able to see an almost full moon in the evening, or as describes it as "a Waning Gibbous Moon, already many hours past its stage of full illumination."

And that's called a Super Moon. states that the Super Moon appears 14% larger and 30% brighter. The full moon occurs at 2:37 p.m. on Wednesday, July 13th,  for a moment, but it will look full for a while to the naked eye. And in my opinion, that's such a super cool thing to see. Just super.

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