I love lasagna. I can't really express enough just how much I love lasagna. Of all the Italian foods that I have consumed, unless there's something I've never tasted before and I find that hard to believe, lasagna is tops when it comes to Italian food.

Lasagna is probably in the top five of my favorite foods as well. So now you know how much I love this dish. But, I am picky about the consistency and taste. I like lasagna that is piled high, with plenty of meat, and not too salty. I have experienced lasagna that tasted like a shaker of salt was emptied on it. Not good.

The Southern Tier has many restaurants that serve lasagna, I have my favorites, but this is not about me, it's about you. Aside from making your own lasagna, where do you go in the Southern Tier of New York or Northeast Pennsylvania for your favorite serving of lasagna?

I asked that question on social media and receives a lot of different local restaurants. There are seven area restaurants mentioned the most. Here are those seven along with some others that Twin Tiers residents love to order lasagna.

Michelangelo's - Court Street, Binghamton

Carol C. - Michelangelo’s- hands down the best! I never get anything else when I go there.
Cindy G. - Michaelangelos!!! Best Italian everything!!!
Everleigh C. - Michaelangelo's no doubt.

Michelangelo's Pizzeria
Google Maps Street View

Little Venice - Chenango Street, Binghamton

Tam L. - Little Venice, duh!
Karen B. - I like Little Venice and Consols.
Adrienne I. - Little Venice.

Little Venice Restaurant
Google Maps Street View

Cacciatore's - Harry L. Drive Johnson City

Tyler M. - Hands down cacciatores. You’ll get two or three meals out of one order, and it’s delicious. My favorite.
Lori B. - Cacciatore's!!
John Tokos - Cacciatore's.

Cacciatore's, Johnson City
Google Maps Street View

Tony's Italian Restaurant  - Main Street Endwell

Sharon G. - Joey's, Tony's, or Michelangelo's.
Mandy L. - Tony’s Italian Grill and Langland's.
Mike Donegan - 

Tony's Italian Grill
Google Maps Street View

Nick's - Main Street, Endicott

Rosemarie S. - Nick's.
Lyndsey Nickole - Nick’s.
Lori A. - Nicks.

Nick's Pizza & Restaurant
Google Maps Street View

Cortese Restaurant - Robinson Street, Binghamton

Debbie P. - Michaelangelo's, Cortese, my Sister!
Julie S. - Cortese.
David Armstrong - Little Venice and or Cortese.

Cortese Restaurant
Bob Joseph/WNBF

OIP - Grow Avenue, Montrose, PA

David Parmenter - Original Italian Pizza in Montrose, Pa.
Todd H. - OIP Montrose.

OIP Montrose PA
Google Maps Street View

Other great Twin Tiers restaurants that received a thumbs up for lasagna:

Kristen G. - If I don’t have time to make it myself with homemade sauce, Aiellos in Whitney Point is pretty amazing.

Roe C. - Beemans in Sayre PA.

Jim Z. - Grande makes the best: LASAGNA BOLOGNESE. Excellent!!! Go try it.

Judi W. - Yanuzzi's in Sayre, PA.

Mary C. - Sals Pizza in Bainbridge, NY

Randall M. - Oaks Inn in Endicott.

Joel F. - Barstow House.

Kandi C. - Donoli's in Apalachin.

Bill S. - Mama T's in Endwell

Lauri L. - I'm not really a fan of restaurant lasagne, but I'd say that Moosewood in Ithaca is pretty good.

Daniele B. - Bud's Place in Apalachin!

Randwaynes F. - Take A Break Diner.

Blair C. - A Tavolo Italian Restaurant in Chenango Bridge. 

Cathy O. - Nandos on North St in Endicott between Gault BMW and Gault Toyota was new to me as of this year, and it was sooo good, we have now been back 4 times! Manicotti, Gnocchi and Lasagna are excellent!! Usually there are 6 of 8 of us and we’ve all loved it!

Eric E. - Leggios in Wilkes Barre Pa.

Teri B. - Tedeschi's in Hallstead Pa.

Aleida D. - The Greek House! Surprisingly.

Nate W. - Montdale Country Club in Jermyn, PA

Heather P. - Ristorante Del Arco in Endicott.

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