In the wake of the devastating impact of Hurricane Ian, the Greater Binghamton Airport announced that newly added flights to Fort Myers, Florida would be postponed until further notice.

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Broome County announced the partnership between the Greater Binghamton Airport and Avelo Airlines on August 31st, with flights to Orlando and Fort Myers scheduled to begin on November 16th. The announcement represented a huge opportunity for Broome County residents, who have long awaited additional destinations from the Greater Binghamton Airport.

The inaugural flight from the Greater Binghamton Airport to Orlando is still scheduled to take off on November 16th but due to the damage caused by Hurricane Ian, Avelo Airlines will not offer service to Fort Myers for the time being.

Affected travelers will receive refunds from the airline or alternate accommodations.

Courtney Goff, Communications Manager for Avelo Airlines, stated "We will continue to monitor the rebuilding effort in Southwest Florida and look forward to establishing a base at RSW in the future and adding back the previously announced routes. Avelo is always looking at new opportunities and cities to potentially add to BGM in the future. We are still working closely with our area partners and will continue to be involved in the community to strengthen our awareness for future growth opportunities."

According to their website, Southwest Florida International Airport resumed full operations on Tuesday following Hurricane Ian. But with the surrounding area struggling to rebuild after the devastation caused by the storm, many other airports have also postponed flights to Fort Myers.

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