Early Sunday morning November 28th, one of the Southern Tier's most loved restaurants caught fire and was destroyed in a four-alarm fire. By now, you know it to be the Silo Restaurant on Moran Road in Greene, New York.

Unfortunately, we hear about fires frequently and are sad for those involved each time. Only those who have gone through such trauma can understand the pain, followed by the question of what to do next.

This particular fire hit home not only for the owners, their staff, and families but also for the many of us who have experienced a great meal or event at the Silo restaurant over the past several decades.

Our hearts go out to the owners and hard-working staff of the Silo Restaurant. I can't imagine their grief, and that they are not able to go back to work due to the fire. But, just like any community, there are people who step up to help in any way they can.

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And Karen Strenkert did just that by recently starting a Go Fund Me fundraiser for the Silo Restaurant employees. The goal for the Go Fund Me fundraiser is $50,000 dollars.

"Time to show some love to those who have served us over the years." - Karen Strenkert

I couldn't agree more. I can't count the number of times I spent at the Silo restaurant as a mobile DJ for a wedding reception or a holiday party, or just there for a delicious meal. The staff always treated me well and were always available to assist me if I need anything, even if it was just to get me a drink during the time I was entertaining guests.

The area surrounding the building was an amazing background for outdoor weddings. What a perfect place to get married on a warm, sunny summer day, and then celebrate the reception inside with family and friends.

While we don't know that the cause of the fire was, or news about the future of the Silo restaurant, keep the owners and staff in mind this holiday season, and if you can help the staff through the Go Fund Me fundraiser, I'm sure they will greatly appreciate it.

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