The Village of Johnson City is looking for some ideas on the future of Jenison Park and have invited the public to provide some feedback on what might be needed.

Jenison Park is located at 55 Willow Street near the Goodwill Theatre in downtown Johnson City.

Johnson City Mayor Greg Deemie talked about the project on WNBF’s Binghamton Now on Wednesday.

Deemie said the upgrade to Jenison Park is part of the Greater Binghamton Fund project which is the $20 million to be distributed through the districts.

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One of the ideas behind the project is to put some artwork and entertainment into Jenison Park, and create a hub between Binghamton and Endicott, that would include other arts and entertainment.

Demie says since the Park is across from the Goodwill Theatre, it would be a great tie in for different types of entertainment to the area.

The Mayor says right now we’re asking the public for ideas on what they might like to see in and around Jenison Park.

Ideas can be submitted HERE

In other news involving the Village, Deemie said the Johnson City Town Hall remains in a partial lockdown, remaining functional, but with restrictions on public access.

Deemie said he hasn’t seen any major spikes in COVID-19 infections, but encourages residents to continue to practice social distaining and wear masks.

The mayor spoke about the Johnson City and Endicott Arches, that turn 100 years old this year. Deemie said any celebrations or ceremonies would most likely take place sometime next year.

Deemie said he knows people will start asking about upcoming events like “Lights on the Carousal” which will unlikely take place this year, due to the pandemic.

The annual evening Holiday Parade that takes place in the village at the beginning of December is still undecided at this point, as well as many events, that will be revisited at a future time.

The mayor said they are still planning a small Veterans event at the Gazebo on Veterans Day.



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