Foodie Friday's grilled (or broiled) tuna is a great source of protein and is best if served rare or medium rare.

Kathy Whyte/ WNBF News

Grilled Tuna Steak (prep. time about 30 minutes, including marinate time.  Recipe is for single serving)

10 oz Ahi tuna steak, about 1 1/2 ti 2 inches thick)

1 tbl. Soy sauce

2 tbl. Olive oil

1 tbl dill (fresh if possible)

Salt and pepper

Mix oil, soy sauce, dill and salt and pepper and allow the tuna to marinate in the mixture for about 15 minutes.  Pre-heat grill to medium-hot.  Brush a little additional olive oil on the grill and place tuna on the heat.  Cook for about 5 to 7 minutes until the tuna easily releases from the grill.  Turn the fish a half turn to make the hash grill marks.  Cook another 3 or four minutes and turn over, repeating the process on the other side.  Rare tuna should feel like when you press your finger on the space between your thumb and index finger when making a loose fist when you push on the fish.  Medium is how it feels with a slightly tighter fist and well-done is (not good, really) but how it feels when you press on that space with a tight fist.

Kathy Whyte/ WNBF News

Good, fresh tuna should be rare to medium. If cooked to well it gets dry and tough. Just sayin’.