For those of you getting re-acquainted (or just acquainted) with your kitchen, here's another easy recipe that make a big batch and can be frozen.

(My mother used to hate it when we called her goulash “glop” but that’s the sound it made when spooned into a dish!)

Kathy Whyte/WNBF News
Kathy Whyte/WNBF News

Goulash (prep. time about 30 minutes.  Serves 6)

½ box elbow macaroni

1 can diced tomato

½ yellow onion, diced

2 large cloves of garlic, diced

½ green bell pepper, diced

1 lb. ground beef, browned (it can be made vegetarian by using TVP crumbles)

2 Tb. paprika

1 Tb. each basil and oregano

salt, ground black pepper

2 Tb. olive oil

Parmesan cheese.

Bring water to a boil for the pasta.  If you are going to finish the dish in a slow cooker, undercook the macaroni to barely al dente since it will continue to cook and absorb moisture in the cooker.  The dish can also be totally made on the stovetop.  While the pasta is cooking, heat the olive oil in a large sauté pan cook the onion, and bell pepper until tender.  Add garlic, then stir in the diced tomato, paprika, basil, oregano and salt and pepper. If you like a slightly sweet sauce, stir in some white granulated sugar to taste. Add the browned ground beef.  When pasta is done, drain and stir that into the sauce. If completing on the stove, allow the elbow macaroni to absorb the sauce for a few minutes before serving. If you are using the slow cooker, transfer the goulash and set the cooker on low. When it’s time to serve, top with some grated Parmesan cheese.

(*You can use any pasta you like if you are having trouble finding elbow macaroni, just so long as it's about that same size.  Farfalle would work, for example.  Also, if you are having trouble getting ground beef, you can use ground turkey, a meat substitute like "Impossible" or "Better Than" brands or leave the 'meat' out altogether.)

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