A Cortland County man says he's not a Nazi supporter and is just trying to get attention for a hacking dispute by flying a Nazi flag at his home.

Neighbors are up in arms and hundreds have signed a petition urging government officials in Preble to force Jody Fish to remove the offensive banner from his property.

The Town Supervisor told Associated Press he has talked to Fish but cannot force him to take the flag down since it is on private property.

Fish has told reporters he believes his neighbor is hacking into his computer system and he was frustrated by lack of action to his complaints.

Fish insists he does not support the Nazis but some residents questioned where he got the Nazi flag if he is such a professed opponent of the ideology.

At last report, some 800 people had signed a petition to try to have the flag removed.

The property owner says he has agreed to meet with the Town to discuss the issue.

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