Dozens of participants in a ZOOM meeting January 13 to talk about rethinking police operations in Broome County have come away saying they weren’t satisfied with the discussion.


The listening session hosted by the Broome County Police Review Task Force provided three minute comment blocks for those signed up to participate.

Issues brought up included training for dealing with people suffering from mental health issues, the ongoing opioid crisis, a call for better sharing of information under Freedom of Information filings, and police diversity issues.

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The meeting was held as a comment opportunity and not a question-and-answer session.

There has been no word of the possible scheduling of any additional sessions.

January 15 Broome County announced: "The task force is offering an additional way for members of the community to share their thoughts online. If you are interested in providing feedback you can fill out a form at this link: Residents have one week to fill out the form if interested. Feedback will then be shared with members of the task force."

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