Broome County officials say they are ready for Old Man Winter as the National Weather Service promotes Winter Weather Awareness Week.

Weather Service officials say the area should get less snow than last year, but it is best to be prepared for snow, ice and cold before the nasty weather hits.

Broome County Emergency Services Coordinator Michael Ponticiello says residents should note that the term "Travel Advisory" means there could be dangerous road conditions but you can drive with proper provisions for the conditions.  A "Travel Ban" prohibits travel for all but essential personnel.

Ponoticiello says people should have emergency kits in their homes and cars.  Home kits should include food, water and medication to last several days.  Vehicle kits should also include a shovel, blankets and food as well as a mobile phone or other way to communicate. Both kits should include flash lights with fully charged batteries.

While officials are predicting a milder winter, the weather in this area, of course can be unpredictable. The late season storm that clobbered Broome in March with 30 inches of snow in two days cost the county 170-thousand dollars.

More information on winter preparedness can be found at


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