A researcher at Binghamton University has documented a lizard species that has the ability to remain underwater for up to 16 minutes.

Assistant research professor Lindsey Swierk observed the unusual behavior in the water anole when she was walking along mountain streams in Costa Rica.

Swierk noticed the lizards had the ability to remain submerged for an extended time to escape from predators.

According to a university news release, Swierk believes the species may have developed an underwater respiration system consisting of a "recycled air bubble that clings to the anole's head."

Swierk was intrigued when she discovered the way anoles behaved while under water. The behavior was documented by the researcher in a video that shows the lizard breathing out and "re-inhaling an air pocket."

Additional research is planned in an effort to learn more about the lizard's "bubble-breathing" capabilities.

WATCH a video of the unusual lizard found in Costa Rica.

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