Binghamton Mayor Richard David is the sixth Binghamton Mayor to become President of the New York State Conference of Mayors.

I spoke with Mayor David Tuesday on WNBF’s Binghamton Now program, the mayor said he is certainly honored and privileged to have the opportunity to become president of the New York Conference of Mayors.

The conference of mayors represents about 575 cities and villages in the state of new York, ranging from the smallest of villages to New York City.

The New York State Conference of Mayors was started in 1910, Mayor David said the city of Binghamton now has the most mayors to be appointed to this position with six.

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Mayor David said his appointment as NYCOM president is affective now through the duration of his Mayoral term December 31, 2021.

Mayor David said This is really good for the City of Binghamton and for our region, I  have often said decisions are made by people that show up and have a seat at the table, you have to be in the room where the decisions are being made.

Mayor David said he looks forward to working with the other NYCOM members, and the role he is filling, traveling to other regions across the state of New York, advocating for the issues that impact Binghamton, and the many areas of the state, like state aid, money for infrastructures and much more.

The previous five Binghamton mayors to be appointed to the NYCOM position included John Irving-1912 to 1914, Thomas Wilson 1922-1924, Alfred Libous 1977-1978, Juanita Crabb 1987-1988 and Richard Bucci 2004-2005.

Congratulations to Mayor Rich David to the role of President of the New York State Conference of Mayors.

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