In Binghamton, Whole in the Wall Restaurant has been at the forefront of promoting a smoke-free environment since 1980.

Recognizing the dangers of tobacco use, which is the leading cause of preventable diseases and deaths, Whole in the Wall voluntarily implemented a smoke-free policy well before the enactment of the Clean Indoor Air Act. For over two decades, this establishment has been lauded for its commitment to reducing secondhand smoke for its patrons.

According to the Broome County Department of Health, Whole in the Wall has recently taken its dedication a step further by adopting a smoke-free outdoor policy in partnership with the Tobacco-Free Broome & Tioga program.

The newly implemented smoke-free outdoor policy at Whole in the Wall extends beyond the restaurant's physical premises and covers the entire outdoor area. It prohibits the use of tobacco, cannabis, and electronic vaping devices both inside and outside the establishment.

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Whole in the Wall's voluntary adoption of a smoke-free policy in 1980 was ahead of its time, and it quickly became one of the few smoke-free establishments in the area. Their longstanding commitment to providing a clean and healthy environment for their customers has earned them recognition across the state of New York.

The Tobacco-Free Broome & Tioga program, which focuses on educating youth about the dangers of tobacco use, has commended Whole in the Wall for its unwavering support in reducing tobacco-related harm. The program works to equip young people with effective strategies to combat tobacco use within their community. Additionally, they provide technical assistance to businesses and organizations looking to implement tobacco-free policies in outdoor public areas. By creating tobacco-free spaces where children live and play, the program aims to shield them from the influence of tobacco and tobacco marketing.

Organizations interested in learning more about adopting tobacco-free policies for their worksite grounds and entryways are encouraged to reach out to Grace Merrill at or call 607-778-3928 for information.

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