Have you heard about MOP? No, not that item you use for cleaning the floor. You do mop the floor occasionally, right? Well, that is unless you have wall-to-wall carpeting.

Anyway, this MOP stands for the Binghamton Move Out Project. It is an annual project created by the Susquehanna Group of the Sierra Club. This project is completely volunteer-run.

What is the purpose of the Binghamton Move Out Project (MOP?) Well, every spring they collect items from area college students who are vacating their housing for the summer or graduating and not returning.

Items collected then get donated to Greater Binghamton area nonprofit organizations. In addition to items that are in good condition and going to local families in need, this project helps to ensure that items left behind, don't end up in the landfill.

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The Binghamton Move Out Project is currently in search of volunteers to collect, sort, and distribute items left behind by students. The project will run from May 6th through the end of the month.

Shifts are flexible for anyone who signs up to volunteer. So, if you have the time and love to volunteer, this would be a great project for you. If not, maybe you know someone who would be interested in volunteering.

According to the Binghamton Move Out Project, last year (2023), 18,795 pounds of items collected from Binghamton University students, were donated to over 25 local nonprofits, schools, and churches.

Their 2023 goal is 25,000 pounds of items. For anyone looking for more information or to volunteer, click HERE or email the Binghamton Movie Out Project at binghamtonmoveout@gmail.com.

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