A man in Penn Yan is making news for all of the wrong reasons and all because it would appear he couldn’t or wouldn’t hold it until he could find a private place to relieve himself.

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55-year-old David Jensen found himself in trouble for alleged public urination not once, not twice, not three times, not even four times but FIVE times in the span of only ten days last month.

Jensen was arrested for the first time on April 6 when he allegedly decided the place to be while completely blitzed was in a park and that the park was 100 percent the best place for him to urinate in full view of everyone there.

Jensen was placed into a cop car following the park incident where the police allege that he urinated again…right there in the back of their police car. Jensen was charged by police with disorderly conduct, having an open container of alcohol in a vehicle, criminal tampering, possessing alcohol in a park, and littering.

Apparently, the charges brought against Jensen weren’t enough to sober him up because, on April 14, he allegedly took the opportunity to relieve himself outside of an apartment complex, and for that, he was given another charge of disorderly conduct.

So let’s recap: it is alleged that Jensen peed in the park, peed in the police car, peed at an apartment complex, and, on April 15 he was nabbed yet again for, you guessed it, public urination.

On April 15, Jensen was allegedly observed by a police officer leaving his vehicle to urinate next to a dumpster. For his offense on April 15, Jensen was charged with public lewdness, disorderly conduct, and consumption of alcohol in a motor vehicle.

But wait, there's more. Jensen was once again slapped with charges for a 5th time, on May 1. This time he allegedly decided a public parking lot would be the best urination spot. Jensen was issued a ticket and will be charged at a later date.

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