State police are investigating the deaths of two people following a house fire in the town of Walton.

Authorities say the blaze happened Tuesday at 294 John Lockwood Road.

State police say Walton village police chief Brian Laauser and Delaware County Sheriff's Office senior investigator Karl Vagts had gone to the residence in connection with a criminal investigation.

Officials say while Laauser and Vagts were outside the home, two apparent gunshots were heard from inside.

Laauser and Vagts entered the house and found the body of a woman on the second floor.

Authorities say the residence appeared to be on fire, so the officers left the house to escape rapidly-moving flames.

After the blaze was extinguished by the Walton and Delhi fire departments, investigators discovered a set of human remains.

Police say the scene was secured overnight. When the investigation resumed today, more human remains were found in the basement of the house.

Both sets of human remains were transported to Lourdes Hospital in Binghamton for identification.

People with information about the case may contact state police at 607.561.7400.