No deaths are reported after two tornadoes ripped through parts of Northeast Pennsylvania June 13

A church and several homes were destroyed or damaged in Bradford County by an EF2 tornado packing winds of between 111 and 135 miles per hour.

Officials from the National Weather Service in Binghamton traveled to Franklin Township and Wilkes-Barre to evaluate the damage and confirm the tornadic activity.

Emergency Services officials in Bradford County told reporters that some people had to be rescued, including a person in a wheelchair and an older couple who became trapped in their storm cellar by storm debris.

In Luzerne County, a shopping plaza was reduced to mainly rubble as another EF2 tornado raked through the Wyoming Valley Mall and continued another half mile.  Six people were said to have suffered mainly minor injuries. Officials there said it was lucky the storm struck in the evening, well after the very busy region is clogged with traffic for the afternoon commute.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom wolf says he is working with local and state officials to determine if federal disaster aid would be available for victims.

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