Maine - Endwell graduate Thomas Tull returned to his hometown  Saturday to participate in the opening ceremonies of the Maine-Endwell Little League.  Part of opening day involved the naming of the main little league field at the Strubel Road Sports Complex as Tull Field.  Tull, who played on the fields as a youngster funded a number of improvements to the complex including a batting cage and new fencing.

Tull currently is the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Legendary Pictures.  Legendary Pictures has produced and financed a number of highly successful motion pictures including The Dark Knight Trilogy, The Hangover and 42 The Jackie Robinson Story.  Along with Legendary Pictures duties Tull is part owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Several thousand people turned out for Saturday's celebration. Tull also gave back to his alma mater several years ago when he donated over $2 million for an artificial turf baseball field at Maine-Endwell High School along with lights for the football field.

Rumors pertaining to Yankee great Derek Jeter being part of the festivities proved to be unfounded.  Other rumors included the possibility of Henry Aaron being part of the ceremony but he was not present. Today, it was about Thomas Tull remembering his community and his many friends who came out to celebrate as well.

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