United States Postal Service

Post Office Operating Hours Reduced
A neighborhood post office that serves residents of Johnson City and Binghamton won't close but its operating hours will be reduced.
The United States Postal Service evaluated the operations of the Bible School Park post office, which is located on the Davis College campus on Riverside Drive...
Snow slows Binghamton mail
Treacherous road conditions in the Syracuse area affected the delivery of mail in the Southern Tier today.
Mail for Binghamton-area homes and businesses is processed in Onondaga County.
Maureen Marion, a United States Postal Service spokeswoman, says some trucks hauling mail bound for Binghamton were …
Postal fire
A small fire prompted an evacuation of employees at a mail processing facility in downtown Binghamton.
City firefighters were called to the main post office around 12:45 this afternoon.
Fire department duty chief Sam Santoni said the blaze ignited in a paper shredder on the north side of the United St…
Changes ahead
People who use a small neighborhood post office in Johnson City are concerned about its future.
The United States Postal Service is evaluating operations of the Bible School Park post office, which is located on the Davis College campus off Riverside Drive...
Saturday mail saved
It appears Saturday delivery of first-class mail will continue for a bit longer.
The United States Postal Service in February announced plans to end six-day-a-week delivery of letters.
But Congress responded by passing a measure requiring the continuation of Saturday service...
Postal Service Pulling Plug On Saturday First Class Deliveries
The United States Postal Service has good news for Americans who don't like to receive bills in the mail on Saturday.
Starting this summer, that will be a thing of the past. As will delivery of all first class mail on Saturday.
Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe's plan would mean the final r…
Binghamton Area Post Offices Busy with Holiday Packages
Today was expected to be the busiest holiday season shipping day for the United States Postal Service.
The lobby of the main post office on Henry Street in downtown Binghamton was bustling early this afternoon.
Although many people were shipping packages and buying stamps, the wait for those who visit…