The United States Postal Service (USPS) is warning New Yorkers against sending checks in the mail due to an increase in mail theft and fraud.

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The USPS has reported a rise in mail thefts across the United States with people targeting mailboxes and stealing envelopes that contain checks, credit card information, and other personal documents.

In a statement, the USPS urged people to use alternative payment methods, such as online bill pay or direct deposit to avoid the risk of mail theft and fraud. The USPS also recommended that customers use blue USPS collection boxes or drop off their mail directly at their local post office rather than the mailbox at their residence to reduce the risk of theft.

This warning comes as many New Yorkers continue to use traditional mail services to pay their bills and conduct other financial transactions even though there are many digital payment options available.

The USPS says that the risk of mail theft and fraud is very real and that all customers should take extra measures to protect their personal information and financial assets. In addition to dropping off mail directly at the post office or in a blue mailbox, the USPS urges customers to monitor their bank accounts and credit reports for signs of fraud and or suspicious activities.

All mail theft or fraud should be reported to local law enforcement as well as the Postal Inspection Service.

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