underage drinking

Underage drinking
A northern Broome County woman faces 18 counts of unlawfully dealing with a child for allegedly providing alcohol to several teenagers.
Authorities say 39-year-old Leslie Bonham of Killawog Hill Road in the town of Lisle was arrested after a month-long investigation...
Crash memorial
Three people have been arrested after police were called to the site of a fatal car crash in Susquehanna County.
Pennsylvania State Police say they received reports that sod was being thrown onto Old Route 11 in Great Bend township around six o'clock Monday morning...
Party problem
A Chenango Forks resident was arrested after police received a report of a party involving underage drinking.
Authorities say 20-year-old Dana Ferranti was supposed to be watching a house while the owners were on vacation.
Investigators say Ferranti instead hosted a party at the residence...
Binghamton’s “Scoreboard” Bar Closed By State
The Scoreboard bar on State Street in downtown Binghamton has lost its liquor license.
The New York State Liquor Authority issued a revocation order on Thursday. The order was effective immediately.
The agency considered charges against the business and licensee Ty Fish at its December 19 meeting...