Imprisonment Charged
A Delaware County man is accused of beating a person in a dispute in Meredith and preventing the person from calling for help.
UTV Crash Injures Two
Delaware County Sheriff’s officials say neither the driver of an all-terrain vehicle that rolled over nor his passenger was wearing a helmet when the UTV crashed in the Town of Meredith May 17.
Speed and Drugs
Two Delaware County teens are facing charges following a traffic stop shortly before 1 a.m. December 29 on State Highway 28 in the Town of Meredith.
Lots of Pot
New York State Police say they seized around 100 pounds of processed marijuana, 500 harvested pot plants, 34 grams of hashish and arrested three men following a search at two homes in the Town of Meredith.
Reefer and a Ride
A teenager from Meredith is facing charges after a report to the New York State Child Abuse Hotline alleged he had provide two 15 year olds with marijuana.
Bus Passer
A Delaware County man is accused of putting children in danger after he allegedly passed two stopped school buses, one just as the children were about to walk across the street.