Department of Public Works

Free Collection
City of Binghamton officials are reminding residents they no longer have to put pink stickers on bulk items that are being thrown out.
Overhaul Pledged
The two top officials in Binghamton's public works department have been fired in the aftermath of the massive snowstorm that crippled much of the city for days.
Waverly DPW Loss
Officials in the Village of Waverly say it’s going to cost over $1 million to replace all the equipment, including some new dump trucks, that were destroyed when the Waverly/Barton Department of Public Works building burned down.
Clean sweep
The city of Binghamton has purchased a pair of street sweepers to replace older units that sustained heavy wear and tear as the result of cleanup work after the 2011 flood.
The equipment cost nearly $389,000. Money from the Federal Emergency Management Agency was used to acquire the sweepers...