In spite of rumors of doom for a local swimming spot, the Floral Avenue Park pool in Johnson City is apparently not in imminent danger of being filled in.

Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News

The facility that has been plagued by cracked concrete and systems failures is in line for renovations and improvements. The pool has been shut down several times over the past few years and never opened for the season this year.

Photo: Johnson City Government

The Village board has now approved spending up to $200,000 to fix the pool. No word from officials on when the repairs and renovations will start.

In addition to approving plans to fix the Floral Avenue Park pool, the Village board has okayed buying some new police cars at a cost of up to $99,500 and spending up to $700,000 to design a new Department of Public Works facility.  The building on Brown Street has been flooded several times and Village officials say the facility is outdated.