A judge in Schoharie County will resume deliberations in the 4th murder trial for Tioga County businessman Calvin Harris on Tuesday, May 24.

Judge Richard Mott left the courthouse in the afternoon May 20 after spending around 11 hours considering the seven weeks of testimony presented in the non-jury trial.

Harris is accused of killing his estranged wife, Michele in 2001 although her body as never been found and no murder weapon has been recovered.

Harris was convicted twice in trials in Tioga County with those verdicts overturned on appeal.  The third trial was moved to Schoharie County since the defense argued a non-biased jury could not be seated in Tioga County due to the wide-spread publicity in the case.  The Schoharie County jury last year was unable to reach a verdict.

Harris opted for a bench trial, leaving his fate solely in the hands of Judge Mott.

Normally, a judge in a bench trial would set a date for a verdict, but Judge Mott has said he will consider testimony in the same way as a jury and no decision date has been set.

If convicted this time, 54 year old Cal Harris could face up to 25 years to life in prison.

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